JM_LOGO3Leaving on the third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth-largest island on Earth was my dream which came true…

Still not sure…


Once upon a time, there was me. Me, who did not know, if the world was ready to accept me and me, who did not know, if I could accept the world.

After finishing my BA degree in english, I was often talking to my friends abroad, as I could not really decide, which place would be interesting enough to live in and practice the English language.

Time was running and I still was not sure. After finding a job offer in Ireland I just packed my stuff and flew…flew to the green island.  I did not know what to except, but I knew it will be a new experience I will learn from people.

How the story started…

People, speaking in the beginning in a not very understanding way,  seemed to be very open and chatty with good manners, as the word gentleman and -woman, of course, was very popular those days.

A dream came true…

Nice pint of beer, Irish pubs full of people going around the Temple Bar, scones and baked beans for breakfast made me feel home very fast. I remember, I loved sitting at the seaside in Bray and eating cookies from Tesco, as the coffee with marshmallows there, was not really my thing.

Teenage girls jumping out with pyjamas were a sign of being in Dublin city centre. I loved going shopping around the Spire,

Henry Street and meeting my friends for the best coffee and muffins in Dundrum shopping centre.

Sale… the favourite word of the culture


Teaching English has a number of benefits and advantages. One of the major perks of teaching English is that you will be living and working abroad. For me, this experience is very enjoyable and rewarding.


A unique advantage from choosing to teach English in Germany is that a foreign place keeps the job interesting. Undoubtedly, meeting new people, trying new foods, and sightseeing  bring positive progress in various ways and can change your lifestyle.


My motto is to integrate teaching with learning


Justyna Mialik