JM_LOGO3There are many methods of teaching the foreign language. Some have had an important impact on the teaching study and are widely used now, while others with a small following, but useful in cooperation with good materials.

New Methods

As an English teacher, I am almost always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to stimulate and encourage the English language. It has been said, that learners, who enjoy class activities, learn more than the others with the higher anxiety level. New and different activities, maybe sometimes out of the norm,  allow us to find the appropriate method to make the learning process faster and more effective.

Here are some not-so-commonly-used techniques giving learners something new and exceptional, spiking interest and allowing them to see the new site of English classes:

You can do it!

Switching roles is fair play, or so they say. Organising classes in the way, that learners play the teachers role and the teachers the one of the learners might be a great fun, allowing students to be in charge and inform about their needs and improvements.

Speaking activities

The aim is to give students the majority of control, or at least as much as possible. Using props, using life situations, pictures, music students will not concentrate that much on the speaking mistakes and their corrections and will have a great chance to improve one of the most important language skills.

Let’s surf

Do you take an iPod or cellular phone to English classes? It will be  turned into your advantage! A number of good websites  can help you using this latest new technology for language learning and practice.

Listening to the news, preparing the dialogues, checking the latest match scores or watching online interviews will bring you in the English speaking world directly.


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