What is the right study method?



The ability to speak English Fluently is the dream of everybody who leaves works or is connected to the English speaking environment. It is a crucial ability in today’s global economy.What is the right method to learn the language in a fast and efficient way? The can be many good and bad answers to this question.


Suitable for all students, from beginner to advanced level, the methods should be  designed specifically to improve speaking abilities in a lively and active environment.Used material should engage learners in the learning process and develop in them the ability to understand and speak English instinctively.The Method should offer learners the vocabulary they need and practical grammar rules that help them to use the language properly.


The constant speaking practices and the dynamic model of the lesson should allow the students to learn the language quickly and efficiently.Used selection of literacy works, films, posters, dialogues life-situation materials should always be chosen in a careful and well-articulated process.


Instructional materials are very important tools in the English learning process as they allow students to interact with words, images, and ideas in ways that develop their abilities in reading, listening,  thinking, speaking, writing, and using media and technology.


It may not be simple to prevent students from using their native language, but they should understand that during their classes they must use English. In order to achieve this goal, all tasks are treated as an opportunity for communication. Each task  contains useful phrases which can be adapted by students to express their own opinions or ideas.


Incorporating systematic work on speaking, listening, reading and writing is presented in a multilayered syllabus. I am mostly interested in helping learners to develop their active approach and encourage them to use the language they learn.